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Author Topic: Forum Rules *PLEASE READ*  (Read 8928 times)
« on: 23 January 2008, 16:53:46 »

Welcome to the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club forums!

These forums are provided by the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club for the use of anybody with an interest in Off-Roading, Trials or Greenlaning in the Isle of Man.

Please keep your language polite, temperate, understandable and in proper English where possible (If English is not your native language you will obviously be forgiven!). Please try your best to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. The use of SMS and similar abbreviations may result in message deletion.
Any posted or linked content should be 'work safe' - such that it does not contain anything illegal, profane or risqué.

Please keep any threads and replies on topic for the forum they are in and please trim any quotes of unnecessary text.

Material deemed offensive or inappropriate in the opinion of the moderators will be removed without warning, or recourse.

Any user who is not keeping to the rules or is acting in a manner not appropriate to the forum will be banned. Forum moderation actions are not a topic to be discussed within the forum. Any discussions of moderation must be by email or PM with the moderators.

No part of this website, the images or articles herein may be reproduced without permission.
Any views or opinions expressed in this forum are solely those of the author, the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club accepts no responsibility for material contained here in.
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