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General Information

Joining & Costs

To join the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club please download and complete a membership form HERE (pdf)

Membership fees for the club are as follows:

Single Membership (1 person) £30.00 per year
Joint Membership (2 persons) £40.00 per year
Additional Membership (3rd 4th etc) £10.00 per year

Renewals are Due in November. Joint/Additional membership is designed for 2 (or more) members of the same household living at the same address who wish to join the club. The household will receive only one newsletter.

An additional Trial fee of £10 is payable by every member for each Trial (Fun or Competitive) to cover MSA insurance and Trial expenses such as ongoing costs for the provision of rescue and fire-fighting equipment, first aid facilities and canes (which frequently get damaged!)


Every member receives our regular newsletter and any other necessary literature from time to time. The Club holds its own public liability insurance cover for all social events which are held through the year such as Lane Runs, Trials, Challenge Events, Social Nights, Camping, Easter Event, Summer BBQ's, The Mule, Christmas Party, etc.

Inclusion in the M.S.A. permit system which provides a judicial system with rights of appeal, public liability insurance cover up to £25M as well as fixed payment personal accident cover, landowners cover and a legal organisation to assist clubs in the unfortunate situation of having to defend itself against any allegations.

Access to regular events which the club has developed over the years and a series of championship trials (usually over several events) taking place at numerous venues including quarry floors and old mine workings (with the kind consent of the Isle of Man Government).

Events and General Information

The Club organises the annual "Mule" event to test the endurance nature of both man and machine. With the Land Rover Camel Trophy in mind it encompasses both Green Lanes and trials and involves navigation and a whole range of ideas to test the participants.

Throughout the year a number of trials are organised as well as regular Green Lane runs (using some of the 60 miles plus of un-metalled public roads throughout the Isle).

Video and Pub Meet Social nights are open to anyone who wishes to come along and chat to enthusiasts with a common interest and have a wish to support the activities of the Club in a positive manner.

Copies of the official Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club are available upon request as are Membership Application Forms or any other information required.

Further information regarding any forthcoming events can be accessed via the forthcoming events list of by contacting the club.


Aware that we need to provide for our members and being keen to encourage new members to join, the Club welcomes any suggestions or requests for different events to be staged as a one off or on a regular basis. The availability of suitable rough land is always a limiting factor and we welcome any new venues which anyone may offer or suggest.

If you would like to make a suggestion please contact the club.


Finally and by no means least, the Club would like to state that it takes the issue of conservation seriously and forbids the unauthorised use of any hill land, weight restricted Green Lanes or similar and discourages the use of any Green Lanes in extreme conditions. It is recommended that reference be made to the "Public Rights of Way and Outdoor Leisure Map" (scale 1:25000) at all times to confirm the status of any route and to observe those Green Lanes that are weight restricted. The Club continues to work with Conservation Groups as well as Government Departments and recognises the need to treat the countryside with respect and care to ensure the continued availability to all and the right to utilise this natural asset we share with walkers, motorcyclists, horse riders, mountain bikers as well as the landowners or tenants and others.

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