Welcome to the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club

The Isle of Man 4x4 Club was formed in late 1989 by a group of like minded individuals to ensure that four wheel drive as a sport is promoted in the best light. It offers members an organised range of events to cater for all needs and was formed into a Company limited by guarantee in 1993 with provision for an Executive Committee of eight and a current membership in the region of ninty people.

Early in its incorporation the Club became a "Recognised Club" of the Motor Sports Association (M.S.A.) and of the R.A.C. This important status ensures that along with over seven hundred other British Clubs its members adhere to a common set of rules to ensure that motor sport is conducted as safely and as fairly as possible.

The club is also a member of The Association of Manx Motor Clubs which is a recognised local organisation formed to promote motor sport on the Island and on a practical level to minimise the possible clash of events between clubs.

Our members also travel to the U.K., Europe and even further afield to take part in both national and international offroading events organised by Warn Winches amoung others. Encouragingly our members usually do very well and have won on a number of occasions.

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